Good Seller On Amazon

How to be a good seller on Amazon

A smart seller is always a happy seller. A good seller maintains healthy selling habits to improve your sales on Amazon. Here, in this article, we have organized key points to look over to be a good seller on Amazon.

1. Good Product Images

Products that feature high-quality images consistently have a higher conversion rate.

–  Images you choose to upload for your product will impact customer buying choices. Always choose images that are clear, easy to understand, information-rich and attractively presented.


Good Product Images for good seller on amazon

Saree displayed in different poses

–  For apparel like a saree or any other garment, it is recommended to display it on a model. Pose and angles are underrated elements of how garments are bought. They generally get higher customer attention for how favorable and comfortable they make the garment appear. There are several quality standards that Amazon demands from its sellers, you can check them here.

2. Good Product Listing

–  Good variation relationship listings allow buyers to compare and choose products based on different attributes, such as size, colour, or other characteristics from the available options on a single Product Detail Page.

–  Customers search and browse on Amazon using specific product details. If your listing information is incomplete or incorrect, it may affect your product discoverability and conversion. The Listing Enhancements tool suggests opportunities to improve product sales and glance views by adding essential product information to your listing. You can also improve your listing by preventing condition issues that arise with the product.

GVR for good seller on amazon
Example of a Good Variation Relationship

–  The Amazon classification system uses values supplied by sellers to determine where products appear in the Amazon catalog. If this information is missing or incorrect, customers will have a difficult time finding, comparing, and purchasing your products. This could impact your sales on Amazon. The Product Classifier tool can help you to identify the appropriate category and filter criteria for the product.

3. Good Learning Techniques

–  On Seller University, with various modes of education such as Videos, Study materials, Online Webinars and classroom trainings, you can understand and learn end to end processes, services, tools, products and policies on Amazon, to grow your business and boost your sales with ease. You can attend free events on Seller Events.

To grow your business opportunities there are also several programs and services that amazon run for its seller community. You can check them here.

4. Good SEO Techniques

–  Using condition types helps you to list offerings in a range of conditions. For many product lines, seller offerings in multiple conditions help to expand the buying choices available to customers.

The more relevant Amazon keywords you use, the better your chance of reaching your customer base.

i. Product Title

Always put the most important keyword(s) in the product title. If you’re selling a saree, make sure “saree” is in the title. Most important is the item’s brand name and then comes the unique feature/material of your product then the product color and size, just that’s it. No need to crowd your product title with irrelevant keywords.

Good Product Title for good seller on amazon

ii. Product Description

The product description is where Amazon keywords count

If your descriptions don’t convince people to buy, they’ll bounce off the listing which can naturally decrease your conversion rate.

Use bullet points in technical details and write a concise and attractive description to make your product stand out. You can research product descriptions of top saree sellers on Amazon like Mimosa and Saree Mall, to have a better understanding of what works

Good Description for good seller on amazon

There are several free and easy-to-use keywords research tool out on the web that can help you get popular keyword data and key phrases that you can use to improve your Amazon SEO.

You can check this Keywords Research Tool for free.

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5. In-house marketing & advertising on Amazon

Sponsored Products – You can increase your product visibility and boost sales with Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon. These ads appear in shopping results and on product detail pages that make you reach to the customers who are looking for products like yours. Campaign reports track ad expenditure and performance so that you can learn what is working and fine-tune your campaigns.

Sponsored Product Ad for a good seller on amazon
Sponsored Brands Ad for good seller on amazon

Sponsored Brands – Sponsored Brands allows you to quickly highlight your brand and product collection to shoppers who are interested in similar products.

Sponsored Brands displays your brand and product portfolio. These ads contain your brand logo, a custom headline, and a selection of your products. They appear on shopping results pages for product visibility and driving sales.

Stores – Stores are highly impactful, custom-multipage shopping destinations on Amazon for individual brands. You can create your brand identity and keep your products all under one roof that will highlight your brand story and product offering. You can choose from a rich set of easy-to-create content templates and tiles, rearrange them with easy drag-and-drop functionality, and make a professional-looking website without any coding or design skills. Stores are free to use. 

Store for good seller on amazon
Sponsored Display Ad for good seller on amazon

Sponsored Display – Sponsored Display helps you to reach your audience based on relevant shopping activities and their interests. 

It increases awareness, buyer consideration, and sales conversion with automatically generated display ads that are easy to create and manage and highlight your product on as well as on other channels.

You can check many more advertising options on Amazon from here.

How much to spend on Sponsored Product Ads?

–  Calculate your profit ratio. Lets say, you sell a saree at 100 and the profit you get from it is 20. Then your profit ratio is 20/100, i.e., 20%

–  Calculate ACoS. 
ACoS stands for Advertising cost of Sales.
If you spend 10 on an Ad for a sale of 100, your ACoS is 10/100, i.e.,10%

ACoS for good seller on amazon

–  So, if ACoS for a keyword is less than the profit ratio, the ad based on that keyword is making you money. Amazon gives you ACoS for different keywords related to your product while you create your Ad.

Choose keywords that have less ACoS than your profit ratio.

6. Customer Reviews and Ratings

–  Customer reviews and ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. They help sellers in understanding customers’ sentiment about their products, what features or aspects of the product customers like, and what areas need improvements. Keywords that consumers use in reviews can help your product stand better in search results.  According to Search Engine Land, Amazon rewards brands with great customer service that respond quickly to reviews and questions.

customer reviews for good seller on amazon

Customer Review Section for a Saree

Reviews are a major push when it comes to purchase decisions.

–  Research shows that 84% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 91% of shoppers occasionally or regularly read online reviews.

–  When it comes to negative reviews, you should always respond to them thoroughly, as they can be a great way to build credibility and show that you care about their reviews and are there to fix them. There are also several product review policies and guidelines made by Amazon for fake reviews and other infractions to deal with authenticity of customer reviews.


To be a good seller on Amazon you need to use clear and information-rich images to display your product features. With good product listing, you minimize complex listing and enhance customer experience. Optimizing SEO and campaigning cost efficient advertising further increases your visibility and boosts your sale conversion rate. Making a strategy for good Social Media Branding is also an essential mode of channelizing your products on social media networking sites. This helps to enhance brand identity and creates multiple interaction points for your potential customers to reach out to your product, thus, driving sales to a whole new level. Watch out for our upcoming blog post on social branding!

Sell Sarees on

Sell Sarees Online On Amazon

Sell Sarees Online On

If you want to sell sarees on, you have reached the right place! By the end of this article, you will have all the information required to successfully sell your sarees on Amazon

Things you'll need to get started

  • GST Number with registered company name in your GST
  • PAN Details
  • Active Mobile Number
  • Active Bank Account
  • Email ID

Follow these simple steps to sell sarees on

Step 1 : Go to

Step 2 : Click On ‘Start Selling’

Step 3 : Now Sign-In to Amazon Seller Central with existing account credentials or you can also make a new account

Step 4 : Type in the legal company name registered in your GST

Step 5 : Next provide your Store details to sell sarees on

  • Store Name
  • Product Name
  • Business address

Step 6 : Enter your TAX details including GST number and PAN details

Step 7 : Select the ‘Products to sell’ option from the dashboard then click ‘Start Listing

Store details to sell sarees on


Step 8 : Next enter your ‘Product Name or Barcode Number’ to search for it on the existing catalog of

Step 9 : However if you can’t find your product in the existing catalog, you can choose ‘I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon’ to create a new listing

Step 10 : Enter your product information

  • Seller SKU (not mandatory)
  • Saree price
  • Quantity
  • MRP (Maximum Retail Price)

Confused about how to set price for your saree?

Go to Price Blog section below.

Step 11 : Click on ‘Save’ to save your saree in your inventory

Step 11 : Click on 'Save' to save your saree in your inventory

Step 12 : Now add remaining details on dashboard

  • Shipping Fee Details
  • Bank Account Details
  • Tax Details (if not done earlier)
  • Default Product Tax Code
  • Digital Signature

Step 13 : Finally click on ‘Launch Your Business’

Congratulations! You’re now a seller on

What is Amazon Seller Central ?

Once you register as an Amazon seller, you’ll have access to your Seller Central dashboard. Think of Seller Central as your go-to resource for selling on Amazon. In fact, this is where you manage your entire business. So from adding your first product to finding tools to grow a successful brand, you’ll find everything in here to run your business.

How to Optimize Your Product Page on

While creating your product page, think about what customers come looking for. This will help you in putting down the relevant information for customers accordingly.

Saree Image Specifications mainly includes that the images should be colored with all the features clearly visible. Additionally, height & width should be 1000 pixels or larger to enable zooming. And at last, the preferred image format should be JPEG.

Need help with the product images?

Are there any cataloging softwares in the market that can help you get ready-to-use images to display? Well yes. 

TRI3D Saree Draping Software is one such cataloging software that can help you get photorealistic 3D images draped onto a model.

Give a 2D image of fabric/garment and the software will produce ready-to-use 3D image of your garment onto a model allowing you to save any hassle on an expensive model photoshoot.

TRI3D Sell sarees online
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How to write a good description for your saree to sell on

Customers compare different products before making a purchase. So check out other saree sellers what goes in their description.

Customers specifically look at the product image, video, and specifications to decide if it suits their needs.

Care Instructions, Fit Type, Fabric, Color, Length of the saree and blouse, Product content are indeed some of the most common descriptions every saree seller uses in their product description.


Good Description to sell sarees on
A good description to sell sarees on

Hence providing complete & accurate product details helps customers buy your products easily.

How to make your saree more visible on

Furthermore, you can make products more visible by keeping in mind these points:

-Using relevant keywords for better SEO – Include keywords in your product title that people type in while searching to get on their top search list. In fact amazon’s search engine and also outside search engines interpret the keywords you place in your listing. They determine whether your product is a relevant search result. On the whole the trick is to include keywords in your listing that your key buyers are frequently searching.

– Advertising – Activate Sponsored Product ads to make your product appear at multiple places. In fact these self-service and cost-per-click ads for individual product listings appear in shopping results and also on product detail pages.

– Additionally use paid marketing within Amazon

– Also keep refreshing content regularly (descriptions and stuff)

– Always stay in touch with your customers and get reviews.

How to price your saree on

You can set your own price keeping in mind the following fee charges for every sale depending on your shipping and inventory options.

Selling On Amazon Fee = Referral Fee + Closing Fee + Shipping Fee + FBA Specific Fee

– Referral Fee: Fee charged as a percentage of sales made by selling any product. For instance for sarees, it is 13.5% for item price <=500, 17% for item price > 500 and <= 1000, 19% for item price > 1000.

– Closing Fee: Fee charged in addition to Referral Fee, based on your product price.

– Shipping Fee: Incurred for delivering your order through any channel.

– FBA(Fulfilment By Amazon) Specific Fee: FBA fee to pick, pack & store your orders. Also with FBA, you have a reduced closing fee and reduced shipping fee.

How to deliver sarees on ?

Fulfilling your orders includes storing inventory, packaging products, shipping, and delivering orders. To sell sarees, has 3 different order fulfilling options that includes,

– Self Ship

– Easy Ship

– Fulfilment By Amazon

deliver to sell sarees on

Grow Your Saree Business

Subsequently once you start making sales, you need to monitor your business to observe its performance. Implement strategies to improve and grow into a successful brand. Therefore, improve on your customer feedbacks. Use advertising tools to improve your brand presence. Furthermore you can check tools and techniques to grow your saree business here.