Add Life to yourFabrics

Fabric Draping & Visualizations
using the Fab3D app

How to Use Fabric Visualization Software?
Visualize Your Fabric on any Garment in 3 Simple Steps!

Step 1 : Click the picture of the fabric. Ensure there is uniform lighting on the fabric

Step 2 : Upload the image on FAB3D. Crop and edit the image as required.

Step 3 : Browse through multiple templates, download high resolution images to share with customers.

Benefits Of Using for Your Business

Online Cataloging
Quickly create an attractive fabric catalog, either to sell online or for sharing it on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram with your potential customers.
In Store Visualization
Sell Your Most Valuable Fabrics by showing pictures of the fabrics draped onto a model images using Fab3D.
Convert Clients Faster
Share Fab3D Images with Garment Manufacturer, Wholesalers and Retailers and close the deal quickly. Customers respond much better when they can visualize fabric on multiple templates.
Massive Cost Reduction
If you do model photoshoots, you know how expensive they are, and you are surely looking as to how to reduce the cost. Well, with Fab3D, you can reduce the costs straight upto 80%

Trusted by in the World

Top Brands across the world trust Fab3D to easily visualize fabric on multiple template images and sell it to their customers.

Major Categories in Fab3D

More than 200 Templates available to use for your business with new templates added every month.


Shirts, Suits, Trousers, Kurta


Ethnic Wear, Kurti, Night Wear

Home Decor

Bedsheets, Curtains, Cushions

Everything else

Kids, Scarf, Workout, etc.

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