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TRI3D to digitally drape their sarees

How to use TRI3D?
Just Follow these 3 simple steps!

Step 1 : Click Flat Pictures Of The Saree

TRI3D Saree Draping Software Step 2

Step 2 : Mark Pallu, Body & Blouse in TRI3d Software

TRI3D Saree Draping Software Step 3

Step 3 : Choose a model and download High Resolution Images

Advantages of using a Online Saree Draping Tool


80% cost savings compared to Photoshoots!


It takes only 5 minutes to drape a saree!


Get Model Images from Flat Pictures in 3 simple steps!


Premium Models 


Consistent Quality images each and every time

Garment Visualizer | Saree Draping Software

TRI3D's Saree Draping Software

♦  High-resolution images up to 4000 x 4000 pixels

♦  300+ Huge Library of Templates 

♦  View the saree in all required angles

♦  Add Custom Backgrounds

♦  Images as per saree material and transparency

Images accepted on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and all other ecommerce sites
TRI3D Model Image Front

Photorealistic 3D Templates For Your Sarees

The images rendered on TRI3D saree draping software are photorealistic, it is nearly impossible to guess whether an image is a real photoshoot image or if it rendered on TRI3D.

Check out Gallery to see high quality templates for your sarees.

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Prem K Velumuri

Tri3d made our work easy when we decided to launch our online store. The cataloging process was so simple we could finish one week of work in a single day.

CS Dwarkesh

Hayagrivas Silk House
Visually the product has to be shown appropriately with clarity and well draped. Tri3d came to us as a blessing. Their software did everything we wanted and also reduced the photography costs to a great extent.