Testimonial Facts by TRI3D

Customer Success Story – Handloom Saga

Testimonial Facts by TRI3D

Q1. What was the photoshoot procedure before TRI3D?

Before getting associated with you guys we used to schedule photoshoot in Mumbai and take all the products from here. Stay there for 7-8 days where we would do all the photoshoots. Then come back and the photographer would edit it. Then the printing guy would edit it and make a catalogue for it. It was such a long procedure. Due to this we used to start our winter collection cataloguing from the month of June or July.

This was a 1 – 1.5 month long process earlier before TRI3D.

With TRI3D’s help that time has reduced drastically to 1-2 days for photoshoot and 3-4 days for cataloguing. Entire process has been reduced down to a week!

The same process which used to take over a month has been reduced to a few days with TRI3D!

Q2. Cost of Photoshoot before & after TRI3D?

Before getting associated with you guys a single product photo used to come out to be 600-700 rs. per photo

After getting to know TRI3D its just 50-60 rs. per product photo

Its really inexpensive for us and the service you are providing is very good 

Ayush Testimonial TRI3D

Ayush Kumar Patra

Founder, HandloomSaga

Hi! This is Ayush Kumar Patra, I am the director of the company Bhimapatra Heritage and we own the brand HandloomSaga Our company is 111 years old & our brand Handloomsaga started in 2019

Q3. Earlier you were using flat photos for selling on Amazon & Flipkart and now using TRI3D model images, what changes have you seen?

Before we used to put flat photos of the saree and websites like Flipkart & Amazon were accepting that but wasn’t getting a good response. After using TRI3D model images, customers were able to picturize the saree and get a better understanding of how the saree and pallu will look. We have seen 2-3 times increase in our orders

Q4. Any increase in number of cataloguing?

Before we used to do around 100 sarees, 100 salwar suits & 50-60 bed sheets thats it

With TRI3D help i am doing about 800-1000 number of sarees now, 400 – 500 salwar & suits and 700-800 bedsheets.

Looking to Scale Your Saree Business Or Want to Start Selling Online?

Best saree business names

100+ Most Unique Names for Your Saree Business in 2021

Picking a good name for your saree business is very important keeping in mind the first impression it will give to your potential customer. The name of a clothing business is an essential aspect of the entire marketing and branding strategy. Here in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to decide the best name for your saree business.

Points to keep in mind while naming your saree business:

– The name of your brand should be simple, unique and different from existing brands.

– The name of your saree brand should be attractive, catchy and easy to remember.

– Name should be chosen keeping in mind the preference of your target audience, which is the ladies in our case. It can also be a name of a girl or lady in real world.

The name may contain World, Sansaar, Nation or any other collective noun to express the range and variety your business sells.

List of Names for Your Saree Shops:

Here are few examples which you can use to name your saree shops:

  • Classic Sarees
  • Classy Shop
  • Saree Spotlights
  • Style Sarees
  • Embroidery Store
  • Designer Sarees
  • Decorative Saree Point 
  • Amazing Sarees
  • Pretty Sarees
  • 101 Handmade Sarees Collections
  • One Saree Shop
  • Cotton Saree Collection 
  • Wholesale Cotton Sarees
  • Cotton Silk Sarees
  • Linen Sarees
  • Perfect Saree Shop
  • Fashion Saree Kendra
  • Saree 360
  • 24×7 Sarees
  • Ethnic Wear Spot
  • Saree Spot
  • Saree Store
  • Handmade Work Store
  • All-in-one Sarees
  • Sarees Shop Point
  • Krystal Saree Center
  • Silk Saree Stop
  • Trendy Sarees 
  • Saree Lovers
  • Silk Destination
  • Mad Over Sarees
  • Colorful Sarees
  • Saree Club
  • Saree Experts
  • Classic Sarees

You can also name your saree whatsapp groups using the above list as well!

Few Ideas for Saree Boutique Names:

These are some attractive, eye catching saree boutique names:

  • Sew In Style 
  • Fashion point
  • Vastra Ghar
  • Vastra Villa
  • Pleasure Boutique
  • Clothing Boutique
  • Indian Boutique 
  • Indian Moon
  • Memsaab
  • Miss India Collections 
  • Nari Boutique
  • Fashion Moods
  • Pehnava
  • Art of Clothes

Online Saree Brand Names Examples:

Few Unique & Trendy Saree Brand Name could be:

  • Satrani
  • Vaamsi
  • Pratibimb
  • EthnicJunction
  • Mimosa 
  • Saree Mall
  • Pisara
  • Sahajanand
  • Silk Land
  • Swtantra
  • Fabwomen
  • Divastri
  • Pisara
  • Silk Land
  • Ethnic Dori
  • Sudarshana
  • Kaarighar
  • Triveni
  • Shopvilla
  • Luxvani
  • Joliza
  • Readymart
  • Glam Villa
  • Fabviva
  • Saree Museum
  • Malhari
  • Big Fashion
  • Miss Lady Fashion
  • Fashion Reloader
  • Fashion Burst

Pro Tip : If you are selling sarees online, you can convert sarees to model pictures right at home! Take help of cataloging software like that of TRI3D Saree Draping Software to visualize your fabric/garment onto a 3D model without getting into expensive model photoshoots to display your saree.

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Sanskrit Names for Saree Business

best saree business names onomatology

– As most probably you will be selling in India, 

you can target hindi and sanskrit words 

for your brand name to attract our indian audience.

– The Hindi word साड़ी is actually a corrupted 

or derived form of the original Sanskrit word, 

शाटी meaning Saree. Even the English word, 

saree is derived from the same Hindi word.

Hence, some sanskrit names for saree business can be:

  • शाटीविपणी,
  • शाटीदुकाण:,
  • शाटीदुकाणम्,
  • शाटीहट्ट:,
  • Vishesh paridhan,
  • Nutan vastra,
  • Navya poshak,
  • Sharir sajja,
  • Tan alankaran,
  • Vichitra parivesh,
  • Adbhut shringaar,
  • Alaukik veshbhusha,
  • Ambar samhita,
  • Vastra samhita

Brand Name Generator AI

– You should consider these AI available online to decide over the best name for your saree business.

Namelix, is one such free and easy-to-use service that uses artificial intelligence to create a short, brandable business name. To create a catchy business name, you simply need to put in your brand keywords and the AI technology will create hundreds of different name options based on your choices.

– Another such service includes Shopify’s store name generator.

Use taglines to advertise your saree business

– A catchy tagline keeps your business at the forefront of people’s minds, whether it’s the kicker in a TV ad or slogans across promotional T-shirts.

– It creates a unique identity of your brand which stays forever into the mind of consumers. They can easily identify your brand with the tagline.

Below are some taglines for saree business that you can take ideas from,

  • Saree pe Saree – XYZ Saree,
  • Pehne Magar Style Se,
  • Fabric Aise Jo Duur Se He Feel Ho,
  • Jaha Chalo Wahi Nazre Mode De,
  • Nari Shakti Ki Jaan,
  • Kan-Kan Mein Saadgi,
  • Saree Aisi Jo Sab Puchhein,
  • Khareede Magar Pyaar Se,
  • Khoobsurti Ko Pehchaahne,
  • Aasmaan Ko Chhu Jaao,
  • Apni Azaadi Ko Jaane,
  • Pavitrata Aisi Jo Dil Chhu Jaaye,
  • Badle Samaj Ki Soch,
  • Vishwas Aapka Quality Humaari,
  • Jo Dekhe Vahi Milna Chaahe,
  • Har Naari Ki Pehli Pasand – XYZ Sarees,
  • Confidence Aisa Jo Duniya Jeet Le,
  • Har Function Ki Jaan – XYZ Sarees


Choose a unique, attractive, catchy and easy-to-remember name for your saree business. Consider and prioritize the tastes and the preferences of ladies – the core target audience of your business. Take help of an AI solution online to decide the best name for your saree business. Keep a tagline to make your brand sounding and easy-to-recall for marketing and advertising purposes.