Instantly Drape Home Decor Furnishings
as beautiful & aspirational Lifestyle Shots

How to use TRI3D?
Its so easy to use TRI3D Home Decor Draping Software.

Digitally drape bedsheets, duvets, blankets, diwan sets, curtains, table cloths, cushion covers.

Step 1

Click the picture of the entire bedsheet, quilt, dohar, pillow or a curtain

Step 2

Upload the image to TRI3D. Crop and edit the images as required. Alternatively, you can also email us the images. Our team will crop and edit the images for you. All you need to do is choose the styles in which you want to see your garment. It’s that simple!

Step 3

Salwar suit renders automatically. Now you can browse through huge choice of styles. Huge choice of lifestyle templates Download in a custom resolution The images are as per the guidelines of major e-commerce websites.
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Home Décor Visualization Software

TRI3D’s home decor draping software is a very tool that converts flat images of garments into a beautiful lifestyle shots in a matter of a few seconds. The images rendered are of extremely high-quality and can be uploaded to any website without further post-processing.

Other Garments

Digital draping is also possible for other categories of garments like

The images are photorealistic, it is nearly impossible to guess whether an image is a real photoshoot image or if it rendered on TRI3D. Don’t believe us? Try our quiz here. Checkout out our gallery to see more sample images of sarees, poses and creative shots.

Brands who are using TRI3D

Check our clients page to see some noteworthy brands who are using our technology