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Indian Styles of Saree Draping – Interactive India Map

Interactive Draping Map

We have tri3d to map the drapes to different regions of India. This is an attempt again, to make this information interactive and fun. In the following map, you can hover on a region, and you can see the different saree drapes from that particular region. You can click on that region for YouTube video links that show the saree draping procedure for those specialties.


Disclaimer: All the material you see on this post has been aggregated from various sources and presented in one place for ease of reference and understanding, more like connecting the dots rather than creating the dots. Almost all the images and videos are the original work of others. We really respect and appreciate the work put in by those creators and this is an attempt to spread their work. A sincere note of thanks from TRI3D! Last but not least, if you find any information presented here to be incorrect, or missing, you can add your suggestion in the comments and we will definitely try rectifying it. Our idea is to make this post as informative, inclusive, accurate, and fun as possible.

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Saree draping and visualization

TRI3D’s saree draping software is a very powerful technology from TRI3D that converts flat images of garments into beautiful model and creative drapes. The images rendered are of extremely high-quality and can be uploaded to any website without further post-processing. All  our model poses cater to both traditional outlook and modern contemporary drapes and outlooks. We add new models and drapes every 2 months.

High Quality Images – Examples

The images are extremely realistic, it is nearly impossible to guess whether an image is a real photoshoot image or if it rendered on TRI3D. Don’t believe us? Try our quiz here. Checkout out our gallery to see more sample images of sarees, poses and creative shots.

Brands who are using TRI3D

Check our clients page to see some noteworthy brands who are using our technology

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